Welcome to ASME at UIUC

American Society of Mechanical Engineers is an international organization that focuses on technical, educational and research issues. With over 85,000 members worldwide, it has many benefits and events for both students and professional engineers. As the University of Illinois student section it is our goal to host student-oriented programs which extend the learning experience at the university.

Specifically, we focus on technical, 'hands-on', social, and corporate activities, as well as programs which assist the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering. Anyone is welcome and we encourage participation in as many of our events as possible.

Our mission is to provide all students of the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering with an open-membership society that creates a dynamic bridge between students, faculty, and corporations. We host events and programs that are catered to enhancing the experience of engineers and fostering a community among students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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If you're wondering how to map out your 4-year plan and could use some tips and advice on what classes to take, or good and bad course combinations, take a look at different MechSE curriculum maps of members from the Exec Board! It also comes with tips and advice on what did and didn't work from their experience. Many of them have minored in something as well, so if that's something you're considering, definitely check this out and feel free to reach out!
Every month a student that is seen to show commitment to ASME is awarded member of the month.